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Have you ever heard of The United States of having a population of only 40 million? Exactly no, your probably have not. From this day, the amount of humans living on this Earth is at around 7-8 billion, in the US, around 325 million. This is nowhere near a roughly 40 million. In the short story 2BRO2B, written by the author Kurt Vonnegut, he explains to use what a generation from the future would look like according to the average human lifestyle presented in the short story. Their life consist of being defined as happy, wealthy,and clean as a result of having population control exist. Each baby born is not just born just because, what actually has to occur is someone putting the baby’s life first by having themselves die while the baby lives. Therefore, every baby in that generation should be thankful for their life. The world that they are living by is very stabilized. This is where having population control comes in. In order to have a baby to be born, a person living in the United States has to die. In this case, triplets were born and the parents only had one volunteer, which meant one baby could live. 2BRO2B…show more content…
About to go onto 40 billion. The difference between the Earth’s population in the text back then going back to the present had been a very major gap. 2BRO2B resents, “... There wasn’t even enough drinking water to go around, and nothing to eat but seaweed-- Still people insisted on their right to reproduce like jack rabbits.” Out of everyone on that Earth, those triplets had that opportunity to live. Can’t you imagine how many people had to be stuffed into those gas chambers, sacrificed, and volunteered in order to make the goal which had been population control possible. It was not one baby, but three. They are all able to survive while billions innocent lives had to be taken away which is certainly one reason to be thankful for their live each

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