3.0 Grade Point Average Essay

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Students with a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) or higher should have the opportunity to go to college in a state run college with free college tuition. If high school students had the opportunity to go to college with their tuition paid, they would be more likely to strive for excellence. Children of parents who graduated from college are more likely to go to college than children of people who only graduated from high school. People with just a college degree earn more over a lifetime than those who only graduated from high school.
According to Importance of Striving for Excellence written by Ron Kurtus, when students strive for excellence they gain more confidence and self-esteem. Once they have gained more confidence and self-esteem they will want to do more things that challenge them and one of those things could be going to
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So, unless students and their families have been saving money or unless the student has enough scholarships to pay for college, they be forced to take out student loans, putting them into debt. Expensive college tuition makes students not want to go as a result, they will not have time for school and a full-time job to pay to live and this will drive the student to school. Nevertheless, free college tuition will help students in the long run as a result of they will not going to worry about paying their loans or debts when they are trying to start a family and synthesize a better life for their children and family.
South Dakota would have high graduating numbers and also higher numbers of students going to colleges. Free college tuition would lead to more people going to school and being qualified for a variety of jobs. Also free tuition would help the state’s employment rate, there are jobs that are always open. Keep in mind free college for students you have a 3.0 GPA or higher would take stress of different sized families. Need a closing a sentence or
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