3.04 Informational Processing

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Informational Processing, from lesson 3.04 talks about 3 different types of processing. They are called, Visual, Acoustic, and Semantic. With visual processing, you processing things such as pictures or visual memories whilst learning. An example of this in my own life would be when I see pictures in a textbook, I process them as key points so that if a test had that picture on it, I’d remember that picture and know what it’s about or what information it 's towards regarding the test. The second one, Acoustic processing, this is processing with sound. An example of using this type of processing would be when I’m listening to an informational lecture or listening to music and the using that lecture or song later as information either on a test or remembering lyrics to a song. The last informational process would be, Semantic processing. This informational processing is used when you are reading or looking up key…show more content…
They are called, Long term memory and Short term memory/working memory. With Long term memory, you are able to remember things from your past and past events as well as key terms that you may have learned in the past. An example of this in my life would be, remembering knowledge that I first learned in school and still being able to remember it, such as my multiplication table. The second one, Short term memory/working memory would be used when you are only remembering some information and using it for a short time frame. Working memory would be when you are using both short term and long term to do sudden actions. An example of using short term memory in my life would be when I’m going to a place and I have to remember the address and then I use it in my GPS, but then I don’t really remember it after a couple of hours. This would also be an example of working memory because I would use my long term memory to help keep that address locked in my head until I don’t need to use it

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