Ferndene Nursing Home Case Study

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3.1 Case study 1: Ferndene nursing home

Ferndene is a nursing home located in Blackrock, Co. Dublin. The nursing home is owned and operated by Willis Care Group. It was designed by O’Mahony Pike architects (OMP) in 2009. The centre consists of 83 single bedrooms, four twin rooms and one triple room spanning across three floors. Ferndene is a family run nursing home with a traditional social environment. Their ethos is to instil strong family values in their home. Their vision is to create a safe place with a sense of empowerment and belonging for elderly and people living with dementia. The nursing home is in an accessible location on a public transportation route. This makes it easier for family members to visit their relatives (The Ageing Well Network, 2012). Figure 7 : Ferndene floor plan

The floor plan is a “H shaped plan” with a central lift serving all floors. The waiting area is located at the main entrance. It is a semi-enclosed arrangement with a half wall that divides the waiting area from the main walkway. According to an inspection carried out by HIQA, (2016), the half wall allows patients to view their surroundings
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Dublin. The nursing home was opened in 1970 and is funded by the sisters of nazareth. The sisters of Nazareth is an Irish charity that prides itself on providing care to older people living in Ireland since 1876. The sisters of Nazareth aim to provide a homely environment that is both empowering and comfortable. The nursing home is in a convenient location on a public transportation route. This allows visitors and carers to access the facility easily. The development of the nursing home has been divided up into two main phases. Phase one of the extension built to modernise the facility was completed in 2012. There are currently ongoing works to provide a second extension in order to create a dementia specific centre and additional residential areas with an inner
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