3.1 Explain The Difference Between Equality, Diversity And Inclusion

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This means that we all have things in common but we are all different in our own unique way. It is important that we recognise and value all the diverse differences. Diversity includes all different types of factors which are personal characteristics such as a family’s background, culture, personality and work-style in addition to the appearances protected under discrimination legislation in terms of different race, disabilities, gender, religions and beliefs, sexual orientation and age. We can create a dynamic environment where everybody feels valued by recognising and understanding each individual’s differences, embracing them and moving beyond simple tolerance.
When in a work setting equality is achieved when all children have equal opportunities to participate in different activities. This can also be seen as showing ‘’equal concern’’ for each individual child. This means we should meet the needs of all children and families. Equality of opportunity is making sure that everyone in the society is treated equally and fairly in order to reach each individuals potential. In a childcare setting it is important to provide learning opportunities for children that explore their own identity
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‘Having a voice, having a choice’. Children have the right to take part not only giving opinions but choosing their agenda and making their own decisions. Children and young people’s participation is to make sure that all views are heard and valued in the taking of decisions which affect them, to make sure they are supported in making positive contribution to their schools and local community. It is important to focus on all of the rules relating to child protection and safeguarding, confidentiality and data protection. It is important that all children and young people are involves ad take part in a wide range of decision making
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