3.1 Explain The Importance Of Working In Partnership Working

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Many would believe children learn and develop best when the ‘key worker’ system is implemented within a provision and when practitioners sustain a positive relationship and work in partnership with parents and carers. This is of importance as a positive relationship where the parents and carers can trust and respect one another, helps to provide an enabling environment for the children. Working in partnership benefits practitioners just as equally as it benefits parents. Parents and carers are the most important people and role models within children lives, however majority of parents have no choice but to work and that’s where our role of early years’ practitioners falls into place. Is it important to remember that parents and practitioners…show more content…
Majority of parents just want the best outcome for their child and for them to develop to the best of their ability. Even though this is the case, some parents are not always exactly sure how to encourage this and for this reason might seek advice from practitioners within the setting. The better the partnership between a staff member and a parent the more comfortable they will feel in confiding in the practitioner. Parents know their own child best and sometimes what they need in order to keep them happy, Children know what they want, whilst practitioners have knowledge of general child develop. For this reason, if the relationship between parents, children and practitioners is positive and consistent the child should receive the best outcome and develop well. Some parents fear leaving their children in the care of others, the quicker the positive relationship between the adult and the parent occurs, the quicker the parent will feel comfortable and adjust to the idea of leaving their child in the provision. Having a positive relationship with parents is important as it can help safeguard that individual
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