3.2 Explain The Main Points Of Agreed Procedures For Handling Complaints Essay

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1.1 Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role. Duty of care means to have a legal responsibility towards others. It is a legal requirement that all health care workers must put the interest of their service users first and make sure that the service users do not come to any harm be it abuse or self-harm. As a care giver, my duty is to provide care according to the organisation’s code of practice in my day to day work, to make sure that my service users are supported and treated with dignity and respect by following the policies and procedures set out by my employer, it is my duty of care to involve service user in their care unless it is not possible for them to be involved. Service should be provided in a safe environment …show more content…

Respond to complaint by Listening to the complaint Keeping record of complaint Respect and keep confidentiality Refer to company complaint policy When a complaint is made, it should be taken seriously and the correct organisational procedure should be followed by referring to employee handbook which state that all complaint by a service user be reported to the care coordinator immediately. It is advised to suggest to the service users to put their complaint in writing or use the complaint forms which they can find in their care plan folder. 3.2 Explain the main points of agreed procedures for handling complaints. The main points of agreed procedures for handling complaints are- The complaint procedure is documented and readily available to all including service users and their family, the complaint is taken seriously and thoroughly investigated, the complainant is respected and their complaint acknowledged and dealt with by a line manager or a senior member of staff as soon as possible. The complaint procedure should be understandable to all. If a complaint is made against someone they will be informed and given the opportunity to respond and have the right to appeal the

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