Briefly Explain The 3-4 Parenting Styles Worksheets

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Parenting Style Worksheet (Min of 300 words)

Briefly explain the 3-4 parenting styles described in the book.
-Dominating/Authoritarian: This is a parent who is a strong believer in rules and provides high expectation for a child’s behavior. These caregivers seldom show affection toward their children. They are harsh when correcting bad behaviors. Kids have low self-esteem.

-Permissive: Helps kids gain higher self-esteem and become less impulsive. This type of parent shows lots of love toward their children. They would rather be friends with their kids, not dictators, rulers or enamines. May feel that their children walk all over them.

-Positive/Authoritative: These parents provide their kids with the limits and guidelines they need, …show more content…

I agree that the highly effective parents are those who are authoritative. This type of parenting style give children structure, without making them into slaves or mindless robots. I do not think that children should be scared to the point that they tremble at the sight of their parents. That being said, it is important to be able to say NO at any time, and not feel bad about saying it. Passive parents do not raise good kids. Parents need to be involved and provide their children with the opportunities they need to learn, make mistakes and grow into confident and successful adults.
Is Authoritative Parenting the best style for all cultures, give reasons that go beyond opinion?
In some parts of the world children are still taught to be seen no heard. This does not help them grow social skill or gain self-confidence. I think that the ability to communicate is something that many adults are not very good at. It is important for kids to learn how to express themselves and solicit the ideas of other starring at a young age.

I think that despite small adaptations based on cultural norms, authoritative parenting is the most effective parenting

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