Assignment 3-5 Classroom Management Plan

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Assignment # 5 Classroom Management Plan Assignment Form 5 points “If you do not have a plan, you are planning to fail” (Wong, p. 144) Tutor Name: Elizebeth Putnam Instructions: Design your classroom management plan as outlined below. Rules 1. My classroom rules are: (3-5 classroom rules) • Ask questions. • Have a positive attitude. • Follow directions quickly the first time. • Respect yourself, others, and materials. • Try your best every day. 2. I will inform students of the rules by: (Briefly describe how you will teach students about the classroom rules.) I will introduce the rules for my classroom by telling the student that my classroom has rules just like their general education classroom. I will ask the student what rules they have in their general education classroom and find which ones are similar to the rules posted in my classroom. I will have the student share examples and non-examples of the rules they are familiar with and then discuss the rules they are not familiar with by introducing each one. If they are…show more content…
I will handle severe infractions by ensuring the safety of people and notifying my instructor. If there are severe infractions, then I will disengage with the student and get help from my instructor. If my instructor is not available, then I will signal to a fellow USU student who is observing to find the instructor. Procedures 4. I will explain, rehearse, and reinforce procedures for: (Explain the procedures that will be needed for your tutoring classroom.) Some of the procedures needed for the tutoring classroom include: where to wait for instructor, coming into the classroom, leaving the classroom, using the restroom, getting a drink, and attention cues. Attention Signal 5. My signal for gaining student attention is: • I say “Are you focused” and student replies with “Yes, I am”. • I say “We are learning” and the student replies with “All the time”. • I will use a chime for a non-verbal signal.
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