3 Idiots Analysis

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The movie ‘3 Idiots’ is Bollywood’s highest grossing film in history. Amir Khan’s charisma and brilliance in acting blended really well with the story which brought the film to stardom. The film appealed to almost everyone regardless of age because it highlighted relevant social issues that are currently present in India, while maintaining the light-hearted comedy theme. It is a story of three college students who met at the Imperial College of Engineering (ICE). These students were referred by Viru Sahastrabudhhe, nicknamed “Virus” by the students, the dean of the college, as idiots. They were the main characters of the film – Raju Rastogi, Farhan Qureshi, and Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad. Raju Rastogi, one of the ‘idiots’, is the only…show more content…
An initiation rite was done every year in ICE and the rite goes when an upperclassman orders every freshman to line up and strip down to his underwear. Rancho arrived shortly after the order was spoken. He was then ordered to do the same but instead of following, he ran into his room and locked the door behind him. This enrages the upperclassman who was giving orders. He threatened Rancho that he will urinate at the door if he will not come out of the room. This scene is a clear manifestation of bullying. Bullying has become one of the biggest problems in our society. Bullying is everywhere, may it be at home, in school, along the streets, in offices, and now even at social media. It is very alarming because it is so widespread that it became very hard to prevent, or atleast control. It is dangerous in the sense that bullying has become a normal act done by anybody to anyone without even knowing the possible effects of the said act. When totally, it does leave serious mark and trauma on the victim. Today, a lot of campaigns that address bullying are circulating all over the internet but it is never enough to stop it. There was even a cyberbullying-related law but still nothing happens. The same amount of bullying is still done
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