3 Idiots Movie Analysis

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Film Summary Farhan Qureshi flashback and narrate himself to the days, the journey when he and his friends, Raju Rastogi and Ranchodas Shamaldas Chanchad are collegian at Imperial College of Engineering (ICE). The dean of ICE is Professor Viru Sahastrabuddhe a.k.a Virus. Rancho studies for his passionate on engineering. Farhan wants to become a wildlife photographer but his father does not support him whereas Raju have to concern about his family financial status in order to escape from poverty. Both of them study in ICE are to fulfil and obey their parents’ will. Chatur Ramalingam a.k.a silencer, his memorizing study technique make him become a top student but still under Rancho. Rancho is a troublemaker to Virus but he did helped Virus’s elder daughter, Mona deliver baby in an emergency moment. Some incident let Rancho meet Pia. Pia is Virus’s medical student daughter, she used to misunderstand about Rancho that…show more content…
3 Idiots movie apply realistic setting. Most of the scenes are film in a well-known engineering college in New Delhi. Why director is choosing school environment is because school is a place that provides knowledge to everyone. Thus, director finds Aamir Khan to plays a student role to convey some excitation lessons and inspiring message to the audience such as ‘chase for your dreams because success will not chase us’. The costumes they wear reflect to the reality. Normally performers wear normal and urban style costume and the color are mainly in dim color (Figure 1). When comes to musical scene, costumes become more modern and it is also brighter in color which symbolize a happy mood (Figure 1.1). In Figure 1.1, Aamir and Kareena are surrounding with a bunch of blue clothing people, this formation shows their outstanding because they are the leading role in this scene. Besides, there is also a traditional Indian wedding dress appeared (Figure

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