3 Reasons Why School Should Start Later?

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School. School is one of the best places to be. At least that is what some people think, but other people may not think that way. Should school start an hour later? My answer to this would be no. The three reasons that I think we should not delay the school start is that students will stay up later at night, which will cause them to be even more tired, there will be conflicts with after school athletics and extracurriculars, and there would be less time to see their families. There will be examples on how it is bad that students stay up later, how it would affect after school athletics, and how it is bad that students will have less time to see their family. Importantly, if school is delayed an hour back, the students will stay up longer…show more content…
Whether it be getting ready for a big game or donating their free time to local businesses to help, it takes energy regardless. If school starts an hour later than it shortens up the amount of time athletes can be at that sport or club. For example, I play football, and if school got out later, then the sun would go down faster, meaning we would not be able to practice as much. Gym space may be a issue too, because the girls basketball and the guys basketball have to share the gym. One team will go after school and the other will come back later and practice. Which limits the amount of family, homework, and free time. If school were longer it would reduce the amount of time that each of them could use the gym. They would have to make it equal time. If students have a job after school and play a sport, then they probably will fail to be able to bear both with school starting later. For some athletes, they have to leave school early as it already is. If school were to start later, then students would miss even more of school. They could miss an important test or crucial notes for a test. School starting later would mean minimal time for the simple pleasures in
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