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, 2015 The documentary of the subject was a powerful yet depressing but it 's the reality of so many people. When we finished watching the documentary, "30 days" I took a break and reflect about the things I have in my life, and thanked my parents everyday for always working hard for us. Even with long hours of working, they always bring a smile on their face to hide how tired they are and entertain us. I can 't have that one day of trying to be mad at them or at something in school because I know they have important things they have to think about such as paying the bills and making/buying dinner for us. The documentary was about a couple spending 30 days living on minimum wage. The couple had to freeze all their credit…show more content…
The couple was worried about how they are going to pay for the bill which was more than $400. They didn 't get to pay the bill because it was more than they have. On their last day, they counted the money they had so far and figure what they can pay with how much money they have. Her husband figured that it 's going to take them at least three month for them to fully pay all their bills with the job that they are having. The issues I saw when watching this show was; house, transportation, and health care. First, it’s really hard for the couple to find a place meeting their budget. Having a place to live is important to a lot of people because you have a roof over your head. Secondly, working a minimum wage job is always tough when you have no car to get you to your job, the husband took a bus to get to where he’s going while the wife walks to work. Having a car means you also have to pay for the insurance which is expensive for people who can’t afford it. Last, health care is important. The wife bill was $300 just for walking into the emergency room. Her husband was $500 just for walking into the room. He also was charged $40 for medical supplies. And that medical supply was an ace bandage which make no sense where you can get it in

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