30 Little Turtles Analysis

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In “Questioning Thomas L. Friedman’s Optimism in ’30 Little Turtles’” Stephanie Malinowski gives her positive and negative feedback on Thomas L. Friedman’s point of view and statements. She clarifies that she believes although he made strong arguments he also “relies heavily on personal experience and generalizations.” (Malinowski 122) Due to Friedman’s generalizations based on his own experience Malinowski made clear she thought that Friedman deserved less credit for his work and discusses her view on the situation and how she thinks Friedman approached it falsely. She concluded with saying she was left questioning the truth behind outsourcing elsewhere and believed the Indians experience with outsourcing was not interpreted correctly by Friedman…show more content…
She also states that he made a point when saying the Indians working to serve Canadian and American markets are pleased with their jobs and how it’s improved their lives by giving them “self-confidence and self-worth” (Friedman 120). Secondly, Malinowski states her opinion on the negative in the essay. She starts with the generality of each statement made by Friedman and how he had only the knowledge of what he experienced himself. Malinowski also believed he had a “condescending” way of describing the Indian workers. She believed he depicted the Indians as being incapable of every day life before the American and Canadian outsourcing jobs came about. She includes that Friedman “weakens” his article by concluding abruptly and leaving all readers with unanswered questions. Although he made accurate points about how the outsourcing jobs benefited the Indians lives he portrayed them as incompetent without them and did not conclude his article in a satisfying way for the
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