30 Little Turtles Thomas Malinowski Analysis

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Stephanie Malinowski wrote an op-ed article questioning Thomas L. Friedman’s Optimism in “30 Little Turtles”. In addition, Malinowski criticizes Friedman when he generalized the Indians and how he based most of his article on his personal experience. Not to mention that Malinowski used quotes to support her evidence and make the reader question Friedman’s credibility. Malinowski is effective when she summarizes by telling the reader what she is criticizing, her use of paraphrasing to help the reader understand her point of view, and her use of quotes to support the evidence she gives.
Summaries are used when someone uses the main points to explain something in a quick manner. Summarizing is an advantage because it helps the reader understand what the author is talking about. Not to mention that the use for summaries is to provide the reader with the content of what the speaker is using.
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Paraphrasing is an advantage because it helps readers understand the story better by using different words. Not to mention that the use of paraphrasing is to help readers understand better. Malinowski uses quite a bit of paraphrasing in her essay. By doing this she is helping readers understand the piece “30 Little Turtles”. Malinowski uses paraphrasing when she mentions that a working Indian women fells free now that she is making money to pay for her education. In doing this she says the same thing Friedman did just in different words so the reader can understand what she is talking about. Another time she is uses paraphrasing is when she mentions that at the end of Friedman’s article that the world is now safer and that Friedman does not favor Indian employment over American employment. In doing this Malinowski raises questions because in the article that Friedman wrote he never mentioned anything about global safety and he also never mentioned anything about American
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