30 Million Gallons Under The Sea Analysis

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D) A title is a way to address a certain essay or article. Many of the authors from our readings used their titles in creative ways to add more than just a heading to the story. The title can allow a reader to make their own assumptions about a story before reading it. On the other hand, a title can add significance or insight into the story after you read it, similarly to piecing a puzzle together. Generally, the best essays make the most of their story including a meaningful title that either grabs the attention of the reader and/or foreshadows and plays with the emotions. 30 million gallons under the sea by Antonia Juhasz is a story about the BP oil spill and the disastrous effects it had on the eco system surrounding. At first glance the reader is probably expecting something about water or salt but never to the idea of a catastrophic oil spill. By placing…show more content…
Many American’s remember the BP oil spill but most were unaffected by it and most likely forgot about it. However it remains a huge problem that we don’t have a solution to. Within the essay the author describes her trip to the area where the oil spill occurred. She recounts that the oil spill that happened 4 years ago looks basically the same as when it first happened. She tells of the wasteland that it has left the gulf floor. The animals found there are nowhere to be found. Before the spill 60% of the US oysters were caught in the gulf. This number has since declined to just 40%. The author then describes what scale this is on. At first 30 million seems like a lot but it’s a hard number to imagine or see but the author gives other explanations like oil covers 3000 square miles 2 inches thick. With numbers like these for the length of time they’ve been there the author calls on the attention of the public. Through her story she shows the significance and impact the BP oil spill is still having
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