How The 300 Movie Changed

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The movie 300 is based on the story of the 300 spartans that stood against the entire Persian army. The story takes place in 480 B.C. in either August or mid-September. During this time Persia had been conquering any lands around it and finally set its sights on Greece. Learning of this and knowing that the persians would attack Leonidas asked the council of sparta to give permission for the army to fight against persia. After they told him that the orical must allow for a war to be had and the oracle tell that sparta could not go to war and that if sparta was to win said war was that a spartan king would have to die. After being told explicitly not to go to war, Leonidas and his group of 300 spartans marched until they reached what would be the battlefield of Thermopylae. That was were the spartans and leonidas would battle against the Persians and Xerxes. It was also were after they had been betrayed and surrounded the brave 300 stood their ground and died to inspire the rest of greece to fight. There are some things that the movie changed though that are different from history those are the types of armor that the spartans wore, who was actually fighting and if the main characters looked and did the same things in history.…show more content…
In the movie all that the Spartans had for protection in the movie was their shield they almost were fighting naked. This would have allowed them to be able to move more freely than if they had bulky armor. Leonidas was the only one with a helmet to go along with his shield, which was a indicator that he was the king. In real life though the spartans wore a full brass chest plate and a leather skirt for protection including the king. Also the king was not the only one that had a hemet, the spartan helmet, called a plumed helmet for the plume on the top, was standard issue for all spartan
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