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The 34th, operating as a unit of the 24th Infantry Division along with many others endured some of the most horrific combat, under awful weather and terrain conditions during the War in the Pacific. The 34th Infantry Regiment securing the island of Mindanao lasted until late September of 1945. Their efforts resulted in upward of 22,000 Japanese soldiers surrendering. More than 10,000 Japanese Soldiers died in combat on Mindanao. From April to August of 1945 approximately 820 U.S. soldiers were killed in eastern Mindanao and 2,880 were wounded. The 34th was fortunate in that the casualty and injury rate was very low, considering the intensity of the battle. The 34th then moved to the Japanese island of Kyushu. During the Korean War, it is believed that the first ground casualty was assigned to the 34th Infantry Regiment, one PVT Kenneth R. Shadrick, who died on 5 July 1950. This claim was highly speculated, and many believe now that the first US Casualties were from the Battle of Osan. During the…show more content…
As a Drill Sergeant I had pride in my unit, not knowing that there was so much we as soldiers did not know. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t know more about the unit that we so proudly served and trained the next generation of soldiers in. We as soldiers should never forget our unit’s history, especially one as historic as the 34th Infantry Regiment. Unfortunately it has happened and it will continue to happen until the units in the Army honor their history, never forgot where they came from and have yet to go, and be proud of our divisions. We collectively need to make sure we remember what the soldiers that came before us have done, to give us hope, drive, and determination to strive to be worthy of the patches we wear, and to never forget where we’ve come

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