350-201: Developmental Psychology Exam

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Stephane Martin Dawson College 350-201-DW sect: 00005: Developmental Psychology Test 3 | Take-home test Questions 1. It is time for bath, and your child refuses to get into the bathtub. Provide a typical and precise parental response using each of the following parenting styles (point form is acceptable): Authoritarian: What!? I set the rules here! I didn’t ask you whether or not you wanted to go in the bath, I demanded you to go. So If I tell you to go in the bath, you better go in the bath! I don’t want to hear your opinion. Authoritative: The reason why I’m asking you to take a path is because you stink and your smelly odor is pretty disturbing, so if you take a bath, I promise to take you out for ice-cream tomorrow. But if you don’t, then there will be consequences. Permissive: *Shakes her head and says to herself “I guess kids will be kids”* If you want to stay dirty then go ahead.…show more content…
5. Your friend comes to see you because her 5-year-old is becoming increasingly aggressive, and she knows you took a class in developmental psychology. She wants to know how she can reduce or eliminate the problem. Tell her about the 3 ways that are typically used to reduce aggression in children with specific examples of how she might apply these guidelines. First and foremost, in order to reduce or eliminate aggression in children, it is important that they attend a good welcoming daycare that provides a friendly atmosphere and is known for its nurturing environment. For example, choose a child care centre that is of high quality is highly because the centre 's environment will have a huge impact on your child 's development. Secondly, as a parent, it is also important that you correct your parenting style and avoid encouraging “toughness” and help your child find new ways to deal with her anger. For instance, instead of encouraging toughness, encourage him to use words to express his feelings rather than aggressiveness and praise him for exhibiting a

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