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In taking the 360o Refined Self-Assessment I have learned my five highest leadership skills are: communication, outcome concern, information sharing, credibility, and decision fairness. My five highest rated behaviors are: communication, communication, communication, outcome concern, and outcome concern. I agree that I do well in communication. Moreover, I feel information sharing is part of a sound communication platform. I talk with my employees as often as possible and sit down with each employee once a month to do employee rounding where we speak of how well their day is working, what I can do to enhanced it, and share any information that is essential to pass along. I also agree that I remain concerned for outcomes since I am genuinely…show more content…
My five lowest rated behaviors are: vision, risk taking, risk taking, risk taking, and agility. First, I agree that I do not do well in taking risks. However, I do not feel that pride and arrogance to be the problem, nor do I have a problem acknowledging my mistakes or getting personal. Unfortunately, I agree that hard truths are an issue. I feel it is important to tell the truth in all circumstances, even though, I fear that telling hard truths will as Bradberry and Greaves (2012) states, “cause employees to jump ship” (p. 98). I feel it is the fear of failure and the uncertainties in the risks that renders this to be a low skill. Next, I feel agility is another low skill due to my uncertainties in risk taking. Likewise, I agree that planning and vision are low skills as well. I feel a vision takes planning so these two skills are slightly combined. Just coming into a leadership role I have been focused on the vision of previous leaders and not creating my own vision. Finally, I agree that self-awareness is a low skill. While I remain aware of others emotions I have a tough time keeping my emotions in check and tend to react before taking the time to reflect on the…show more content…
Part of a human resource leader is communication, accessibility, and empowerment of one’s employees. I feel my skills in open communication, information sharing, decision fairness, outcome concern, and credibility help in numerous ways. Furthermore, being credible and concerned about outcomes, my employees believe in my leadership and know that I have their backs. With communication and information sharing my employees know that I am accessible to talk. Finally, my decision fairness empowers others to be involved in our daily tasks. I scored highest in action under core leadership skills, which include: decision making, communication, and mobilizing others. I feel this supports my frame of leadership as well. Moreover, I feel mobilizing others generates employees to feel respected and valued. When employees feel their leaders are emotionally invested in them it empowers them to do well for the leader. Finally, in adaptive leadership I scored highest in organizational justice, which includes: decision fairness, information sharing, and outcome concerns. Decision fairness increases satisfaction, productivity, and keeps employees on

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