365 Times Summary

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An obsessive man convinces a young woman to have sex with him 365 times in one year. BRIEF SYNOPSIS: It’s New Years when JOHN (mid-20’s), an obsessive plumber and hopeful screenwriter, meets JANE (19) at a trendy downtown bar. They have sex in the toilet stall. Jane goes home with John and they continue to have sex. In the morning, she’s gone. John begins writing about their relationship in his black notebook. When Jane returns, she announces she just wants sex. John proposes his “365” experiment to Jane. Instead of having a different woman each day in one year, he’s considering one female 365 times. He wants to have sex with Jane 365 times in one year. Jane storms out, but returns. John and Jane begin their sexual odyssey of having sex…show more content…
John gets an agent for his screenplays, but then fires him. Jane publishes their journal on Instagram where they gain fans and followers. As the 365 time approaches, the sex become more dangerous as they strangle and choke each other. At one point, Jane stops breathing; she’s lifeless. John is shocked. He thinks she’s dead. He slaps her and she gasps for air. Jane gets a grant for a yoga retreat and John goes with her. Jane performs a free form dance at the Bhojeshwar Temple around the monumental stone Phallus. John contemplates the concept of oneness with Jane. On a late afternoon day, Jane tells John she has loved knowing him forever. She tells John they have been together for more than 50 years and that he has Alzheimer’s. They have grandkids. Jane transforms into a 90-year-old woman, John does too. Then they become babies. It’s the 365th journal entry. It feels anti-climatic for John and Jane. They consider an epilogue. It’s New Years Eve again, but this time Jane breaks up with John. She storms off. John follows her to a club. He proposes. The clock strikes midnight. They kiss. Two heartbeats. It’s 365 plus 1. Then a faint heartbeat joins in. A miracle of life begins. Love
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