3D Printing In The Modern World

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This is a research paper that focuses on 3D printing and its uses. 3D printing has become a remarkable and important topic in today’s technologically advanced world. 3D printing could change the world in different ways. It can be used to prototype, it could cure hunger, eliminate poverty, bring down the demand for money, heal people with diseases, and so on. It could be used to create various kind of things for art, entertainment, work, business, educational purposes, medical purposes and so on. A 3D printer might likewise be used in the medical sector to cure diseases, it can be used for transplants, and can be used as a prosthetic. In this research paper, we will first look at the definition of printing, and then briefly discuss 3D printing…show more content…
This technology is a machinery that has made our lives better, easier and more comfortable in so many ways. With no doubt, 3D printing is one of these technologies. 3D printing has become a widely known technology in today’s world. It involves a printer that is being connected to the computer. It uses a 3D printer to create a 3-dimentional object. They are so unique and remarkable because they can produce various types of objects with different materials from the same machine (Walker n.p.).
3D printing began in 1984 with Charles Hull, the founder of 3D system. The first 3D printer was based on a technique called “stereo lithography”. Stereo lithography can be defined as a process for creating a 3-dimentional object by using a computer control laser to draw any shape of an object (stereolithography n.p.). The making of a 3D printed object can be achieved by using additive process (3D Printing n.p.). In additive process, an object in different shapes and sizes can be produced by laying down layers of materials until the whole object has been printed (3D Printing
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It can also be used in different fields of life. There is a lot of value in printing a 3-dimensional object for designers, students, architects, and so on. 3D printing can be use in the health sector, educational sector, entertainment sector, business sector and so on. 3D printing has transformed education in many ways. It has improved both the learning and the teaching processes in schools .Using 3D printing in classrooms has changed both the way teachers teach and the way students learn. It can be used by engineering design students to print out prototypes. With a 3D printer, geography students can create and print out population maps, topography and so on. It is also used by architectural students to print out 3D models of design (Infographic n.p.). Other students in different departments can use 3D printing to design any object at all. 3D printing is used to produce customized medical items and products. For example, it can be used to produce customized implants and prosthetics which can be of great value to physicians and patients. 3D printing has been used to print organs from a patient's own particular cells. This implies that patients might no longer need to wait for donors in the future (Examples n.p.). 3D printing has made a great impact in medical

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