3D Organ Printer: A Short Story

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3D Organ Printer One exciting day in Oxford University some scientists were about to introduce the 3D Organ Printer to the world which will change the way we live forever. One man named Chuck was interested of getting his brain cloned because he believed it would make him smarter. Therefore, he could get a better job and make more money for himself and his sweetheart Clare. But what was stopping him from doing that is Clar.e Clare was a girlfriend which didn’t want his boyfriend to do anything stupid. But nevertheless Chuck still decided to make an appointment to clone his brain. When he was on the way to work he went to Oxford University to make an appointment on Sunday. Two days have passed and today was the day that Chuck would be cloning…show more content…
It took them 5 hours to clone his brain and when he arrived home. Clare asked, “What took you so long?” Chuck didn’t reply. She asked again. Chuck still didn’t respond. “Are you daydreaming?” Still no answer. Then Clare just walked away. Chuck woke up and started to get to bed. When he was finished he couldn’t open the door to their bedroom. He shouted open the door Clare! She didn’t reply. Chuck asked once more “Open the door, Clare!”. Still no answer. Then he slept on the couch in the living room. The next morning Chuck woke up and wanted to apologise to Clare for what happened yesterday. He went up to the door and tried opened the door, but it still wouldn’t open. Then he walked away with his hopes down. Then he got ready for work. When he got in his car he forgot how to start the car. He sat there for a few minutes trying to figure out how to start the car. After a few minutes, he remembered how to start the car. When he got to work his Boss said you are late to work. Do you have anything to say? He didn’t reply anything. His Boss said I have no time to waste with you then he just walked away. Then he woke up again and started to run to his boss and his Boss

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