3rd 1848: The Missouri Supreme Court Case

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The Missouri Supreme Court was ready to hear the case on April 3rd 1848, judge William Scott issued a unanimous decision on June 30th 1848 that “no final judgment upon which a writ of error can only lie”. The case was still just a suit for freedom. On March 17th 1848 Mrs. Emerson had the sheriff of St. Louis County take charge of the Scotts. He hired them out and maintained the wages until the trial was over; they were under his custody until March 1857. In 1851 Charles Edmund LaBeaume hired the Scotts for the next seven years. Mrs. Emerson moved to Massachusetts and married Dr. Calvin Chaffee in November 1850. He was an abolitionist and was elected to congress shortly after he was married. He had no idea about his wife and the slavery
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