3rd Grade Narrative

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Within this short essay it will be explaining the support I resied in 3rd grade, when I lost the support, and how I was finally able to understand the information I was given. When you have a learning disability it is hard not to fall. In 3rd grade there was talk about holding me back because I couldn 't understand what I was reading or obtain the information. A meeting was held to discuss what was to be done. All of the other teachers and my farther that were in that meeting had agreed to keep me back because they did not beleive in me. My mother and my 3rd grade teacher had stood up for me. They said ", why should we give up on her if she is still fighting? Why quit if she isn 't quiting? What will that show her? It will show her that…show more content…
One day she could see that and give up on herself!". After that they pushed me into 4th grade and I began the class that were going to "help" me. Middle school was a different story all together. After that meeting I was just passed along to the next group of teachers. No one really cared rather I passed or failed.
By 8th grade I started to realized how much trouble I was in because other students
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