4.1: Explain The Benefits Of Reflective Practice

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4.1 - Explain the benefits of reflective practice Reflective practice can be a very useful skill to use in the workplace. The main benefit of reflective practice is that it increases self-awareness and your understanding of others. It is also important in career development as it allows you to reflect on your own skills and learning. It allows you to re-flect with your own thoughts and feelings as compared to someone else’s and encourages critical thinking and decision making for further improvements. By regularly reflecting on your perfor-mance, you are regularly required to make decisions, and by using reflective practice, you will be able to make those decisions in a more thoughtful and objective way. You can use it to identify any strengths and weaknesses you have so you can identify areas of im-provements. It gains you knowledge and skills in analysing your own performance as well as help-ing you acquire new skills for improvements. It encourages self-motivation and independent learning as it gives you responsibility for continuous improvement. It is a source of feedback and you get experience in giving yourself advice. It is obviously useful to get feedback from others but it is also useful to give yourself feedback. You know your strengths and weaknesses even better than those around you. It also helps your problem-solving skills. When we give feedback, we tend to focus on the negatives and by analysing those issues, you are improving your ability to solve those

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