4.2 Cultural Perspective Analysis

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4.2 Cultural Perspective In the west, linguistic and religious tradition is often excluded outside, discrimination and negative women. Men's image is used in the religious texts to describe all the mental problems, and the image of women, mainly in reference to secular issues, such as (positive orientation of the female and the negative image of the prostitutes.
4.2.1Ancient Greek Philosophy Historians generally agree the ancient Greece is the founder of Western civilization. They not only establish a personal freedom and justice is such a basic democratic traditions but their art, philosophy and science for many of the problems of Western ideas and culture. It provides a basis for considering the many aspects of American culture origin
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and the fourth century played a major religion. Although most people are familiar with the two historical periods of the old and New Testament description, few people know how or why or when wills to write. This period of history is the male centered analysis, it is important is because it involves a God and goddess of the replacement is also defined as the other woman. That is, it constitutes the second origin of e guiding the western patriarchal symbol is the male god, poor women to lure men from righteousness "path ($43). In the Old Testament and New Testament women are invisible: for example, Jacob's daughter, Rebecca Lee, Rachel and Dina, no given about Jesus anstee story. If women is mentioned in the text. They are portrayed as a man or a man of property: In the English speaking world the supreme power, the words of the Bible in the king's version will certainly affect the language use and people's thoughts, and between the relationship between language and gender discrimination can also through the authority of the Bible: And the LORD God said, it is not good for the man to be alone, and I will satisfy…show more content…
The most powerful God, known for his father. Then his son Christ. We can list some other outstanding Moses, who led the Israelites out of Egypt; and Abraham, Jewish ancestors, he said God's call to solve in the Sahara and Jesus and his disciples are consistent. Since the major western religion all originated in the patriarchal society, and continue to defend the patriarchal society point of view, to express their views of the traditional male dominated. There are many stories in the IES son from the father get heritage Bible but mother and daughter Are eligible for the property. Different from the explicit description in a man's life, there is little woman can record their names, which has some is famous for their son, like Mary, Christ's mother, Elizabeth, mother. There are some people mentioned because of their wicked ways such as Herodias and her daughter, who is responsible for the death of John the Baptist and rarely for their achievements
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