4.2 Explain How To Involve Students In The Assessment Process

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1 I will always try to involve students in the assessment process. “Involving students in the assessment process is a key way of helping them to manage and ‘take ownership’ of their learning, by thinking about what they have achieved and planning ahead.” (Educational Scotland). Students have to know what their strengths and weaknesses are, in order to undertake appropriate action to reach their goals. Explaining what is going to be covered during the course and what are the expectations to gain the qualification will help them to feel responsible for their own learning. On the first lesson I will involve them just by asking what they know about the subject. If I will teach Maths I could ask what their experiences from school are or do they…show more content…
As assessments scores are recorded, I will know whether the lessons are on the right level or whether I teach all the topics effectively. I will also learn what areas students need to work on, which points need reviewing and whether I should spend more or less time on this material with the next course students. It is also important because I will have an evidence of students’ learning journey. It is required by funding body to regularly inform about students’ progress. The class profile form will show if the students achieve the outcomes and goals. I will not be able to provide it without having all the assessments records. Application forms and enrolment forms will prove the course runs and the students undertake the course. I may need the records if the students make complaint regarding the course. I will be able to proof my decisions were fair and accurate. I will need records of assessment in the event of being observed by internal observer. This will prove I work in accordance with Quality Assurance. Keeping records of initial assessment will enable me to provide accurate information about student’s additional needs. The example is when the teacher contacts the dyslexia specialist regarding the student, who may have dyslexia. To support the teacher’s concerns, the initial assessment should be forwarded to the specialist. It is a good practice to keep copies of the certificates in the event that the student loses the original. Ofsted inspectors will also want to see the records of assessments in order to assess if I meet the framework criteria. As proven above there are many reasons to keep all the assessments records and the teacher has to understand that keeping the assessments records is the teacher
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