Film Analysis: Bringing Out The Dead

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4.4 Bringing Out the Dead (1999) by Martin Scorsese

A story about a burned out paramedic who work in night shift in two men ambulance. From his guiltiness, Frank always saw a ghost, Rose, the homeless girl couldn’t save on six month before. Everytime when he meets some people on the street, he will see Rose on other people body. During the first night, Frank with his partner Larry, the food hunter rescued an old man named Mr Burke who had cardiac arrest. From that day, he gets to know Mr Burke daughter, Mary.
The next shift of the night, he paired with a religious guy, Marcus who recused the drug addict at a club who overdose the heroin. Frank had tried to delay answering the call from headquaters and he asked to get fired from his captain but he still couldn’t cure his guiltiness because he can’t rescue anyone in a month. The next shift of the night, he paired with another colleague, Marcus the violence guy. Frank
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First, the researcher will talk about first femme fatale, Mary Burke played by Patricia Arquette as a supporter to lead the protagonist because Frank felt guilty because he can’t save the girl, Rose then at the beginning of the story Frank and Larry had helped Mr Burke who is Mary’s Father that has heart atttack and was sent to the hospital, at last Frank had try his best to save Mr Burke and Mary accepted the death of her father because Frank had removed the breathing apparatus and let Mr Burke to end his life. Mary is not typical femme fatale which known as bad and erotic but she had helped and lead protagonist reached the objective. For example, The ending of the film, Mr Burke’s voice want Frank to help him to end his life, but Mary wants her father alive, but Mary had acceptted her father’s death when Frank pulled out Mr Burke’s breathing apparatus and Frank get invited into Mary’s house and fall asleep beside
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