4.48 Psychosis Character Analysis

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It is uncommon for people to be out of touch with reality, or to be in a state of mind that is unclear. However it is common for people to have rough times in their lifetime. Sarah Kane’s character in 4.48 Psychosis is not a relatable character; she is diagnosed with pathological grief and depression, but when we as readers, figuratively see a “person” having emotions, good or bad, we are able to connect them to human life.

One aspect that makes this character difficult to relate to is the fact that she has no name. When you are born, you are given a name. That name gives you identification. For the rest of your life you are known by that one name, and as you grow into an adult that name is associated with your characteristics. Since the
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These emotions are the things that make the character come to life. We are able to see these feelings and emotions through the deep thoughts that the character reveals. One example of this is when the character say’s “every act is a symbol the weight of which crushes me” (Kane p.18). This statement is heavy; you can feel the burdens of her illness crushing down on her.

In terms of our unnamed character, losing a lover caused some of her emotional strains. Through out many parts of the book a mysterious lost lover is brought up again and again. "Sometimes I turn around and catch the smell of you and I cannot go on I cannot fucking go on without expressing this terrible so fucking awful physical aching fucking longing I have for you" (Kane p.12). This quote shows us that the character has desires and wants.

The characters emotions have stopped her from being able to love, not only others, but herself. She has lost touch with reality and no longer wants to live. “I am depressed. Depression is anger. It’s what you did, who was there, and who you’re blaming” (Kane p.10). Her depression had affected her mindset in many different ways. In this quote we see that she looks at her depression as anger and as her fault, she also seemed to blame her lost lover. In this case she her depression goes hand in hand with her grieving her dead
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