4.5 Case Study: Chengdu

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2.4.5 Case study on Chengdu Chengdu is the provincial capital city of Sichuan province in southwest China. Also Chengdu is a major city in southwest China. It is well known for the leisure lifestyle, and there is a beautiful name for Chengdu: the Country of Heaven. Chengdu is an important western city for its booming economic, developed transportation, and leisure culture (China.org.cn, 2001). In 2006, Chengdu rank number 4 China most liveable city by China Daily (China Daily, 2006). Also, Chengdu in 2007, rank top ten cities for investor from other 280 urban centers in China (Chengdu June news, 2007). According to Chengdu Economic Daily (2011), every time after holding concerts in Beijing and Shanghai, the organisers will strongly consider about moving the concert to Chengdu, it is an interesting phenomenon. September to December are the traditional concert season in Chengdu, no matter individual singer’s concert or band concert,…show more content…
It is because after a whole working years, people want to get relax by using their annual reward in those mouth, so watching a concert become a popular thing in this province. Chengdu is famous for its leisure industry, the residents in this city have strong passion in watching concert due to the leisure activities are the key word in their spare time. For example, the pop Chinese singer Eason Chen held a concert in Shanghai first, but he was fault of gaining income from the concert. However in Chengdu, the same concert gave him a very successfully income during the concert. Chengdu Economic Daily (2011) also gives analysis about the market in Chengdu. Because of cultivating and developing of the concert market, Chengdu concert market becoming a mature market these years. Customers not only want to listen to the music, but also want to watch a high quality performance. The mode of

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