4 Day School Week Essay

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“How are the teachers going to structure it so they can get the quality of education they would get in a five-day school week?” stated by Dianna House, a mother of two. A four day school week has disadvantages for the students and the teachers. A four day school week would increase the 8 hour school day up to 10. By only having a 4 day school week childcare becomes a problem. Hands on learning also causes a dilemma for a shortened school week. A four day school week is having negative effects on schools. A four day school week would increase the 8 hour school day to 10 hours spent in the classroom. Students who have to sit in the classroom for 10 hours a day don’t have a long enough attention span. When students are just sitting around learning…show more content…
Hands on activities help students get a better understanding of what they are learning. When the amount of days in the classroom are reduced teachers don’t have time to fit projects or labs into their plans. By having less hands on activities test scores would begin to drop because students would not know the topic very well. When there is one less day of school that means the tests are going to be closer together and students will have less study time. Less study time also means students test scores will drop. When students need extra help on a normal 5 day school week it is provided for them. But when they only go to school for four days the extra help isn’t going to be provided due to the slim amount of time spent with the students a week. Students in Idaho felt like they were running out of time to study for tests and finals due to the four day school week. On the other hand, a four day school week would reduce financial cost for the school. Transportation cost is cut a day a week which means the school wouldn’t have to pay for the gas that the busses use when transporting the student from school to home. Also, the school would not have to pay the lunch ladies or the bus drivers on the extra day because they are not working. In addition, it costs money to have the school running five days a week but, when the school is only open four days a week the amount of money to run the school drops. A four day
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