4 Reasons Why You Should Always Be Honest Analysis

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When I was a kid, my mom always told me to be honest all the time because she did not want me to lie to her about anything. Moreover, if I lied to her, my mom would use a thick and long stick to hit me as a punishment to let me know being honest is very important. Most of the parents teach their children to be honest all the time when children are still young; however, should people always be honest? Is honesty the best policy that children and adults should follow? Lana Winter-Hébert, a wordsmith and the author of “4 Reasons Why You Should Always Be Honest,” believes honesty is the best policy; she thinks that telling the truth is better than telling the best lie. According to her article, when a person is telling a lie, it is hard to hold a lie for a period of time because the person may forget what he or she said about the lie before. Therefore, other people can find out that the person is lying easily, and the person needs to suffer the negative effects, such as other people’s anger or a broken relationship. In Lana Winter-Hébert opinion, when trust is broken, it can never fully be regained because other people will wonder whether the person is telling a lie or not, so she claims that being honest is important to people. Instead of always being…show more content…
“Words cut like knives, and it’s easy to bury your relationship with the verbal cuts of a truthful tongue.” On the other hand, Jamie Turndorf mentions that telling a truth without thinking can flush relationships down the toilet, so she considers that being honest is not always a perfect policy between the relationships. When people tell the truth with negative emotion, telling the truth can be worse than telling the lie because of the
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