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To perform well on a 400m-dash, one should use dose his energy and speed to achieve the best result over the whole distance.

Steady state if used to call most of the aerobic workouts because during them, the required energy by the body is balanced with the energy supply, allowing one to exercise at a certain pace. When the steady state is finished, which occurs when the training is more intense and the body needs more energy, the body, being this wonderful machine, will change the way it produces energy. When this happens, the body will need less oxygen and it will obtain energy anaerobically.

Aerobic energy is the base of fitness, regardless the activity and/or its energy demands. Taking a sprinter for example (an athlete that needs a lot of the anaerobic system), if he has a good foundation he can recover his body faster between practices.

The intermediate anaerobic energy system occurs once the body generates energy through the anaerobic system, no reliance is placed on oxygen. This means, it supplies energy for no more
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All energy systems combined are used during a 400m dash. The race requires a solid technique at the start, the correct running mechanics, a very good strategy and race tactics, and the mindset which will allow the runner to obtain the best result possible. Very often the 400m is considered the ultimate race and the main reason why several athletes avoid it, even at the highest professional level.
The 400m sprinters must have a avery explosive start out of blocks, which is common in most cases of all sprinters as they run hard through the first 50m. When a 400m runner starts too slow, they will not be able to use the energy system which allows for a 6-7 second window where no lactic acid and hydrogen ions will be produced. This would be the first 6-7 seconds of any maximal effort, or in this case the first 6-7 seconds of the 400m

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