42 And Remember The Titans: Film Analysis

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In the movie 42 shortstop Pee Wee Reese says "Maybe one day we will all where number 42, and they won' be able to tell us apart". 42 and Remember the Titans are both movies with segregation and adversity. In 42 famous baseball player Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier first, it was the second of the two to come out. While both movies had segregation and racism in them 42 showed more how they blacks were treated during this time. The plots for 42 and Remember the Titians moves the story along but also shows how times were back then. In 42 Jackie Robinson isn't a superhero but for most people he was a hero. Jackie was the first black to play baseball in the majors. In 42 he went on to win the pennant even after all the adversity he faced. He was the Martin Luther King of baseball; he broke the color barrier. The plot of 42 shows how times were hard ,but people had to keep moving forward. While the plot in Remember the Titans made people very happy and is a very popular movie, but the plot just doesn't really show how hard it…show more content…
In 42 Jackie Robinson receives unfair treatment from an umpire Jackie is clearly safe at first base but the umpire calls him out. Then when Jackie is playing the field at first base on runner spikes Jackie in the calf slicing him wide open. In Jackie first major league game they play the St. Louis Cardinals and the coach calls Jackie explicit racial slurs the entire time. In Remember the Titians even though its pretty modern time they still run into there own problems with race. Such as when the new coach takes over the all the white players say they aren't playing. The coach also gets a brick thrown through his window bc he is black. Also in the state semi finals game the referee try to throw the game by making bad calls but they still end up winning. Even though in both movies the faced problems in 42 the treatment was
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