425 Mile Erie Canal Essay

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1789 was the start of the United States. George Washington became President. He led the country and put a new government together. Between 1789 and 1820, the population of the United States more than doubled to nearly 10 million people. The Louisiana Purchase by President Jefferson made more land available to people.
The French Revolution of 1789 made problems for the U.S., because the fight between France and Britain make trade difficult. Less trade meant less cash. In 1791 they made U.S. bank to help the economy this helped us get one kind of cash.
The Indians lived in America too they fought people that were going on the land. They needed protection so they don't get killed or so they do not get there stuff taken by the people that are
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It helped to improve shipping goods between the East and Great Lakes. The canal improved transportation and helped populate the U.S. The canal cost $7 million dollars but reduced shipping costs.
In 1838 the removal of the Cherokee Indians took place. President Jackson had ordered the Indians to move westward beyond the Mississippi River. More than 15,000 members of the Cherokee tribe were forced from their homes. The relocation became known as the “Trail of Tears” because of the great hardship they faced.
I think in that time line that were is a lot of war and fighting I would not like to live back then because there is a lot of that stuff and i do not like it is a lot different then now we got phoun and stuff now you can just call those people and make it all better. i happy I live now because I love my mom and all my friend i hate my school but i like seeing my best friend at my school. I guess that you not get to pick where you life and what time you are born but i wish who did not get a good life back then or a good home or what if they came back and had it like living two thing that if you have a bad life you could try again would to like. i just want people to be happy in live and i do not think it's fair that people live there lives good and others have to suffer in
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