48227 Case Study

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Introduction. The population within the neighborhood of Greenfield rd. and Fenkell ave. of Detroit, Michigan, also known as 48227 has increased drastically over the years. According to the United States Zip Code Census (2001) the area of 48227 is located in southeast Michigan and has a large population density. The people living in ZIP code 48227 are primarily black or African American. There is also an extremely large number of single parents and an extremely small number of families. There are limited schools available for youth residents to attend, crime rates are insurmountable, very few local businesses, and no access to higher education. Shapiro (2013) detailed that social work has a long history of community practice, but community practice models have been understudied. An important first step in conducting such studies is the establishment of psychometrically sound measures that are relevant for evaluations of community practice. Therefore, each component must be analyzed and taken into consideration when assessing the future of this subpopulation. Interviews and Methodology. Methodology. There were several instruments utilized in this study to record the quantitative and qualitative findings. Attached is a copy of the survey which details the survey questions.…show more content…
Branch divulged how there is not much involvement from younger individuals of the Third New Hope Baptist church. However, the elders of the church are heavily involved in programs such as community outreach and the youth choir. Hence, Pastor Branch identified that there is a disconnect from the church and millennials in the area. Since, the young people of the community are not members. He attempted to invite residents to the church services multiple times, and was blatantly ignored. Others stated that they were not interested in attending his church or any of the others nearby. Consequently, Pastor Branch senses a lack of cohesion amongst residents based on
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