49 CFR Regulations

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CFR Title 49 concerns transportation and is part of the Code of Federal Regulations, or CFR. This particular section is specific to the Departments of Homeland Security and Transportation, and spells out the regulations involved in those areas. This means it spells out standard operating procedures and 49 CFR training for those working with hazardous materials. What is 49 CFR Training? 49 CFR certification is designed to help workers know how to handle shipping hazardous materials properly. This includes the wide variety of special provisions that are required for packaging, labeling, marketing and safe handling for hazmat shipments. Shipping requirements differ based on the type of hazardous material and the mode of shipping, from air…show more content…
It includes several modules that are equally important to be understood by transportation workers. General awareness - This section teaches employees to recognize hazardous materials in the workplace. Safety training - This training teaches about emergency response techniques in the event of an emergency at the workplace. It also teaches proper handling procedures and risk avoidance. Function-specific training - This portion of the training is more specific to the the exact job that you will be doing. For instance, if your job will require you to mark and label packages, then you will be trained to do that specific job function properly. Shipping papers, marking, labeling, placarding - This section will teach you how to fill out the shipping documents for the hazardous materials correctly, keeping in mind all current regulations. It also is concerned with how packages are marked and labeled, and whether or not they need a hazmat placard to comply with current laws. How often is training…show more content…
The vast majority is done via ground transportation, and the mode of training frequency required in that case is three years. Additionally, the same three year period is required for rail or ocean transportation, but air transportation requires training every two years instead. For domestic (US) airline employees, CFR training every 12 months is required. Regardless of the length of training requirements, it is wise to keep up to date with the rules for your industry. For employers, having an employee CFR hazmat training program available for your staff will encourage them to keep abreast of the latest changes in regulations, and understand how those changes affect them, your customers, and your business. For the best in CFR certification, including user-friendly self-paced courses, contact Transportation Compliance Associates, Inc. at (855) 637-9566. We are ready to help you start or continue a CFR training program to keep all of your employees well-trained and
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