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Question 1: Critical Evaluation. Question 2: Short Report. “4G and its current state of play in the UK.” What is 4G? Many of you will recall the time when the primary purpose of mobile phones was making and receiving calls, however these days with the ever ubiquitous smart-phone the technological playing field of the mobile landscape has been irrevocably changed. The miniature computer in your pocket enables us to seamlessly connect to various applications many of us take for granted, such as instant messaging, think “WhatsApp” and “Viber”, social networking sites such as “Linkedin” or “Facebook”. We access corporate and private email, stream or download music and videos with “YouTube” and of course surf the Internet…show more content…
This means network operators can leverage their investment and improve the quality of service across their network. Think of it as adding a turbo charger to your old car, the engine could run, now it runs at a much faster rate! HSPA could be considered the pinnacle of 3G technology with theoretical speeds comparable to some of the newer 4G networks. This has led to some providers promoting HSPA networks as 4G when actually HSPA should be considered at most as 3.5G1. Newer 4G networks offer theoretical speeds of 300Mbps for downloading and 75Mbps for uploads. The primary factor delaying the 4G roll out can be contributed to the fact that it's an IP-based system requiring a complete redesign of current 3G network architecture the drawback being that a new network must be built from the ground up, a huge investment for any potential provider. The benefit is that latency is markedly reduced resulting in crystal clear voice and high definition video calls. 4G networks also operate on a different wireless spectrum which is incompatible with existing 2G or 3G
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