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Member Profile of 4Minute (K-Pop) Kija Kennedy 4Minute is an all-girl K-Pop group under Cube Entertainment. It consists of five members: Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, HyunA, and SoHyun. They debuted in 2009 with the song “Hot Issue” and later released their debut mini-album, “For Muzik.” Nam Ji Hyun: Nam Ji Hyun, better known by her stage name, Jihyun, is the leader and main vocalist of 4 Minute. She was born in 1990 in Seoul, South Korea. She originally auditioned for JYP but was eliminated and recommended to Cube Entertainment. She has always been passionate about dance and earned her degree in contemporary ballet from Samyung University. Jihyun has starred in drama series such as It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl (2010) and Marriage, Not Dating (2014).…show more content…
She’s also part of the subgroup 2Yoon with fellow member Jiyoon. Before 4Minute’s debut, Gayoon appeared in the music video for Mario’s “I’m Yours” in 2008. She also starred in the MBC drama Light and Shadow as Hyun Kyung. Her nickname is Gayonitt and she is good friends with Jiyeon of T-ara. • Birth Name – Heo Ga Yoon • Nickname (Stage Name) – Gayoon • D.O.B – May 18, 1990 • Height – 165 cm • From – Seoul • Nationality – Korean • Blood Type – O • Position – Main Vocalist • Education – Dongduk Girl’s High School • Facts – Was best friends with Jiyoon in their trainee days and they are still very close • Specialties – Writing Lyrics, Dancing • Introduced to 4Minute – 2009 • Personality – Reserved, Emotional Kim Hyun…show more content…
• Birth Name – Kim Hyun Ah • Nickname (Stage Name) – HyunA • D.O.B – June 6, 1992 • Height – 164 cm • From – Seoul • Nationality – Korean • Blood Type – O • Position – Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer, Visual • Education – Konkuk University • Facts – She’s been compared to Miley Cyrus by Billboard Magazine and she’s good friends with Amber of f(x) • Specialties – Choreography, Aegyo • Introduced to 4Minute – 2009 • Personality – Cute, Talkative Kwon So-hyun Kwon So-hyun also known as SoHyun is a vocalist and rapper of 4Minute. She is also the youngest member, making her the maknae. When SoHyun was 12 years old she debuted with the girl group Orange in 2005. They disbanded the same year due to rampant cyber-bullying from anti-fans. She became a trainee for 4Minute when she was in middle school and was still attending when they debuted. SoHyun has held a few roles on variety shows such as the KBS Lunar New Year in 2013 along with 11 other female idols. • Birth Name – Kwon So Hyun • Nickname (Stage Name) – Sohyun • D.O.B – August 30,

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