4th Outlined Brigade Combat Team Case Study

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The 4th Armored Brigade Combat Team Without knowledgeable and qualified leaders at every level of civilian or military organization people will work in an unhealthy environment and their output and performance will suffer. Management or leadership lacking in leadership qualities will effect organizational culture and climate in a negative way, to the point that it will make the unit organization incapable of accomplishing the assigned mission. After a series of tragic events that occurred within the 4th ABCT during their last deployment in Afghanistan, I have no doubt in my mind that commanding them is going to be challenging. During the last few weeks, I had the opportunity to examine the historical unit records, CALL and CAL assessments, and conversations and observations with leaders throughout the Brigade and Division, which gave me some helpful information. This information has helped me in preparing the plan on how to meet with the upcoming challenge. In this paper, I am going to focus mainly on three aspects, which are going to assist me to be a better leader. First, I will identify the most critical leadership problems that are effecting the Brigade culture and climate. Then I will create my vision, which will lead to solving all the challenges in the brigades.…show more content…
After examining the historical records assessment reports, and conversations with leaders and staff throughout the brigade and division, I identified the most critical leadership challenges of the 4th ABCT could be identified in three major’s significant areas. Frictions within the command and control which create a lack of vision and lack of cohesion, failures to form a learning organization which create lack in ability to learn, and broken-down morale of the military personnel which create organization stress , poor culture, and unethical

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