05.06 Operant Conditioning Analysis

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05.06 Discussion-Based Assessment The first thing we discussed was classical conditioning. It sort of all started after Pavlov’s experiment with the dogs. John B. Watson, a psychologist, began his testing on emotional conditioning. John’s theory was that people are not born with a fear of objects. He persisted to hypothesize that we do have to learn to be surprised or frightened, it happens automatically. John organized tests to reveal that we do not have to learn to be afraid, but what objects we fear must be learned. An unconditioned stimulus is a sudden, loud noise. The unconditioned stimulus is for the unconditioned response of fear. The conditioned response of fear is known as a conditioned emotional response (CER). We then defined important words from this lesson. A stimulus generalization “is the tendency for the conditioned stimulus to evoke similar responses…show more content…
Operant conditioning is accredited to a psychologist named B.F. Skinner. He is well known for his operant box experiment, also known as the Skinner Box. The Skinner Box is this experiment was used to train rats to tap a lever to collect some type of recompense, like a sugar pellet. Skinner discovered with his rat experiment, that animals could be trained to
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