Nt1330 Unit 4

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Most internal meetings are formal and are pre- arranged and calendar invitations are sent through outlook normally by the line manager to the staff members whose attendance is needed, often there tends to be a fixed process as the line manager tends to have different topics to discuss with the team and an allocated amount of time is spent on these as to ensure that the meeting is structured. If the meeting is external, they tend to also be formal and emails are often sent to the external companies requesting their presence at the meeting, this email will also include formal arrangements for travel and/or accommodation if this is necessary. An example of this is when Chipside, which is the bespoke software used by the parking team crashes. Our line manager sends an email…show more content…
It is also very important that the mailing service used is efficient and convenient, using the franking machine is convenient for the post team, therefore this is how letters are sent from Parking and Traffic Control department. When sending internationally it is important to take the price into consideration as the price can often change depending on the weight of the parcel and how far it is going, As Traffic and Parking Control do not send packages this is not something I have had to do, however I would assume that price would be a determining factor for the departments who do send parcels when choosing a courier company, in addition to this the value of the parcel or letter must be accounted for and therefore choosing a courier service that offers a form of insurance might be an important

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