5 Best Beaches In Hawaii Essay

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Explore the 5 Best Beaches in Hawaii
There are enormous articles written on the beaches of Hawaii that provide information about the beaches, but we would like to explore the top five of the best beaches in Hawaii. This is based on the different factors that are considered for making a beach a preferred choice. The selection of the top five beaches is not only based on the footfalls or the number of tourists visiting the beach every year but it is depending on the different aspects of sand quality, climate, amenities, nature of ocean and more.
The beaches in Hawaii are having all these features that are sought by most of the tourists to enjoy their holidays. The sea water across all the beaches in Hawaii is either light blue or light green and quite clear. You can easily enjoy on the beach in between the waves of three to five feet height that are best for surfing and boogie boarding. These beaches are having the same conditions across the year that makes them a preferable beach holiday destination. All the beaches in Hawaii are offering all the basic amenities and space to enjoy. These are less crowded as compared to the other beaches. These are easily accessible and away from the busy roads and buildings.
1. Hanalei Bay, Kauai: The beach that has
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Hapuna Beach, Kona: This is among the top beaches of Hawaii that are surrounding the Big Island. These beaches are quite popular among the tourists. This beach is having the fine soft sand that is spread over hundreds of yards making it a fine place to enjoy. The tourists love to spend their time on the beach. In swimming and sunbathing. The rocky south point is one of the best points for Snorkeling due to the clear water. The sea water is almost calm across the year. The expert swimmers find this beach an excellent place to snorkel till the boundary of the Wailea Bay. Along with this Hapuna is a center for the Boogie boarders due to highly active waves which prove to be excellent for surfing and boogie

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