5 Day Food Log Essay

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Examining my 5-day food log it has some areas that are successful in reaching the established guidelines and can be seen as my strengths while the areas in the report that show a failure to reach the recommended guidelines can be seen as weaknesses. To begin with the successful areas of my 5-day food record, on average I reach the DRI for water consumption. Having a well hydrated body is beneficial to health because it can ensure proper cell function as all cells in the body require water to function properly. Adequate water intake can also have benefits in a proper digestive system. Secondly, a strength is that I am consuming adequate portions of fiber. Fiber cannot be absorbed by the body so a diet high in fiber can ensure proper digestive function. A third strength I found…show more content…
Cholesterol is not a necessary part of a successful diet as the body can produce what is needed to function. On average I am consuming more than 300mg of total cholesterol a day. This can be harmful to health as it can lead to heart disease. A second weakness is that I have a high sodium intake. On average I am consuming about 70mg more than the recommended intake level. This is a weakness in my lifestyle because if it progresses it can lead to hypertension. A third weakness is the fact that my diet does not consist of a variety of whole fruits and vegetables. Eating whole foods is a straight to have because many fruits and vegetables are complete with essential vitamins and minerals. Fourthly, I am consuming many additives within my diet. Eating packages meals that are full of preservatives can be harmful as they can lead to disease in the long term. Lastly, a diet weakness that was present is that I have a high fat consumption as about 36% of my kcalories come from fat when the recommendation is 20%. Fat is a source of energy that is not harmful as long as it is in moderate

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