5 Gum Ad Analysis Essay

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Ethos, Pathos, and Logos are terms coined by Aristotle and are referred to as the three artistic proofs. The use of Ethos is the art of convincing potential customers that the advertisement is credible. Pathos, on the other hand, is the art of convincing potential customers by appealing to their emotions. Last but not least, Logos is the art of convincing potential customers by the use of logic or reason. The two popular gum brands, 5 Gum and Orbit, are well known for their often funny and entertaining ads that capture viewers attention. The effective use of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos is substantial in creating an effective advertisement. The use of Ethos is the attempt of convincing a person that an advertisement is a credible and pertinent source of information. The 5 Gum advertisement uses words such as intensifying and stimulate in an attempt to convince the viewer that the ad is worth reading by using interesting words. The Orbit advertisement uses a …show more content…

The 5 Gum advertisement has a clever use of Logos. In the ads icy text the words continually get less and less transparent, which makes it seem that the longer the word s crawl across the page, the more intense the cold becomes. The letters become so cold that they eventually crack and bursts due to extreme cold and if the viewer thinks about the significance they will realize that this is most likely intended to a direct connection to the flavor of the gum. The gradually decreasing temperature of the words is directly related to the flavor of the gum getting better as the customer chews. Even the name of the gum, Aspect, is a nod to the flavor getting better as a customer chews. The Orbit advertisement uses little Logos. The ad does not directly say what it means. The ad makes the reader think about what it is trying to say, which is if a customer chew Orbit gum then the customer will have nice, white

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