5 Paragraph Essay On The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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World War II had been raging for two years and was bout to enter Sighet. The Germans attempted to commit genocide on the 'lesser ' races, particularly Jews. Through the brutality witnessed, acts of selfishness, the death of his father, and the loss of his faith, Elie changed. Elie became a young man with a strong sense of mortality through it all. By the end of the war, Elie claimed to see himself as "A corpse contemplating me." (Night, 115).

The Nazi 's were ruthless executioners. The moment they entered Sighet they tormented the Jews. They forced them into the Ghettos and took their possessions. Elie learned to hate the Germans. When the Germans attacked children, women , and the elderly, it fueled his anger. "I began to hate them." (Night, 18). When Elie gets to Auschwitz he realizes how evil the Nazi 's really are. Traumatized Elis sees children being dumped into the crematories and bursting into flames. At Auschwitz, it changes Elie 's mind and has a dramatic effect on him. "How could they burn the children?" (Night, 56). The Germans murdered many innocent and defenseless Jews for no reason.
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Elie and Chlomo 's relationship changed when they entered concentration camp. His father was 'cultured rather than an unsentimental man. ' When Elie and Chlomo are taken to concentration camp in Czechoslovakia and Germany, they are separated from their family forever. Elie and Chlomo manage to remain close during their entire stay in concentration camp. Throughout their time in the camps, Elie and his father depend on each other for survival. When the two arrive at Birkenau, Elie clings to his father so he does not lose him. When Chlomo is picked in selection he gives Elie his inheritance. When Elis 's father died, Elie grieved deeply for him. Because of that, Elie begins to lose his fight for life. The death of Chlomo had changed Elie and scared him for life. "Had I changed so much?" (Night, 110) a once spirited Elie had become dejected because of his
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