Reasons To Wear Recovery Essay

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5 Reasons to Wear Compression Sleeves for Recovery Should you wear compression sleeves for recovery? Are they really helpful? What are the main benefits? Come and learn more on the subject. Compressions sleeves aren’t a recent invention, they have been around for a long time and we have been hearing arguments from both sides of the “it’s a fad” and “it’s not a fad” camps for years. But science has advanced and there are numerous studies being conducted which are beginning to point to the fact that these sleeves do help in several ways. However, the benefits such as increasing performance and decreasing chances of injury which have been advocated by manufacturers and marketers for years, show only minute improvements when tested with compression sleeves. You might be wondering:…show more content…
Your brain feels less pain This might seem like a joke, but It’s absolutely true! Wearing compression sleeves have proven to affect the psyche of the wearer by a huge margin where they experience little to no fatigue while wearing them, although science shows that the muscle damage incurred during a workout does not change significantly even if you wear compression clothing. This speaks volumes about the psychological effects of wearing compression sleeves. When your brain feels less pain, your body feels as if it has less pain and fatigue to recover from, which will improve your recovery process significantly. The bottom line is: even though compression has little no proven uses in enhancing on-field performance, the benefits it provides with regards to recovery will positively affect the subsequent on-field performances of the wearer compared to people who do not use them. The plethora of aid it provides in the recovery of fatigued and injured muscles, make it a very important tool for every athlete, professional or casual. Nobody likes feeling tired and sore after a day of exercise, so why put yourself through the torture when compression sleeves exist to greatly reduce these
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