5 Ways Ed Pays Video Analysis

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In the eyes of children, their future may consist of fame and fortune; most of these dreams do not come true. A college degree will definitely improve the chances for a child to achieve his or her dream to success. Recently, there has been a debate over whether college is worth it or not. Only a few students who decide not to attend college will be as successful as those who do. Thus, a college degree is a good value. Attending college is essential; a college degree will most likely increase a workers earnings. With a college education there is a better chance that an individual will be able to support their family and themselves. According to the video, 5 Ways Ed Pays, a college graduate will receive 63 percent more in hourly wages than people without a college degree. This illustrates a college…show more content…
College graduates are able to spend more time with their family rather than working vigorously around the clock. In the video, 5 Ways Ed Pays, it informs the viewer that college graduates are 66 percent more likely to introduce literature into their children 's lives by reading to them than individuals without a college degree. This exemplifies that college graduates have a better chance to be more closer to their children. This proves a college degree will bring a family closer by having parents read to their children. In addition, 5 Ways Ed Pays explains, that college graduates are two-thirds more likely to bring their children to a concert or live show. This illuminates that college graduates have more time and can afford taking their children to a live show or concert. This proves that college graduates are more family oriented, thus college graduates will spen d more time with their children. To conclude, it is evidently shown that with a college education, graduates are more likely to spend time with their family especially their
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