5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Eyes Essay

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5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Eyes Overview EYES: There is so much we could say about this part of our bodies. Actually, you could write a really deep sitting poem about this very important part of our bodies or even a song to praise it. I mean, what would you possibly do without your eyes? Suppose you wake up and you could not see a damn thing. What would you do? If you are anything like me you would be terrorized even dismayed. Long story cut short, our eyes are very important and deserve nothing but the tender most care. However most people either knowingly or unknowingly, do not grant their eyes the care they deserve. It is this neglect that leads to a myriad of eye complications. This is why we have compiled a list of ways to ensure your eyes are in perfect condition. 1. Proper diet Since time immemorial, it has always been said that we are a reflection of what we eat. This is also the same for your eyes. The nutrients you channel into the body will go a long way into determining the condition of your eyes. To keep your eyes healthy you should eat lots of vegetables, fruits and fish. These foods will help keep you away from eye related troubles and still thwart any possibilities of you acquiring…show more content…
This is why it is important to always keep them clean by trying to avoid touching them with dirty hands. This is especially important for you who wear contact lenses. Because these lenses are always in direct contact with your eyes, touching them with dirty hands will be the equivalent of directly placing pathogens into your eyes. Actually, the center for disease control and prevention has released findings that show that it is the mishandling of these lenses by most Americans that brings about the multiple eye problems facing people today. Thus it is important to keep your eyes clean and more so if you wear contact lenses. This will help keep off ailments like keratitis an infection of the

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